Striker Essence Aluminium Bar V3

DKK 499,00,-

Striker's place in the stunt scooter market is growing stronger every day. The Danish brand's experience at the pro level feeds into their product design, enabling parts like the Essence Aluminium Bar V3 to be available to riders of all abilities.


In a classic black finish, the Striker Essence Aluminum Bar V3 is stylish and understated. Clever tapering of the bar at the intersection adds a touch of finesse to the two-piece design. Made from Aluminum 7005 T6, it is both strong and tough, lightweight, and durable. The bar has a pre-machined slit to aid compression and is IHC-compatible. Please note, this bar is not SCS-ready, and it does not come with a sleeve. 


The Striker Essence Aluminum Bar V3 is available in three heights: 570 mm (weighing 0.76 kg), 620 mm (weighing 0.78 kg), and 670 mm (weighing 0.8 kg). The bar width is 580 mm and has bar-end compatibility with aluminum. A robust tube, the bar's outer diameter is 35 mm (oversized), and its inner diameter is 28.6 mm. With no backsweep and a maximum weight of just 0.8 kg (670 mm), and the quality manufacture we have come to expect from Striker, the Essence Aluminium Bar V3 is perfect for anyone looking for a sturdy and light build.



Heigth: 570mm/ 620mm / 670mm

Weight: 0.76 kg / 0.78 kg / 0.8 kg
Compatible with: IHC        

Bar-end compatible with: Aluminum                                                                            

Bar width: 580 mm                                                                                                          

Bar material: Aluminium 7005 T6                                                                                  

Bar outer diameter: 35mm (Oversized)                                                                        

Bar inner diameter: 28.6 mm                                                                                          

Bar design: Two-piece                                                                                                    Backsweep: No                                                                                                               

SCS Ready: No                                                                                                               

SCS sleeve included: No