ScootWorld Cathrine Thomasen Griptape

DKK 99,00,-

Sweet tricks are only half the battle when it comes to looking cool at the skate park. The other half? Style! With this awesome grip tape, any scooter is sure to look incredible when you skate with your friends. It's the upgrade you didn't know you needed.

  • Quick and easy to apply on any surface
  • Ideal width(13cm, 5.2") and length (55.9cm, 22") to fit perfectly on your scooter
  • Quality grit sandpaper comfortably and securely grips your footwear on the board

Show your support of the awe-inspiring skater Cathrine Thomasen. She was named Denmark's best girl scooterist and was the first scooter girl admitted to the Danish national team for scooters at 15! Her secret? YouTube videos and a ton of practice! Her motto is, "You have to keep going and never give up." With Cathrine by your side, you're sure to achieve your dreams as well! Order now to add some grip to your gear before they're all gone!