Reversal Knæ & Albuebeskyttere

DKK 279,00,-
The best seller for our knee & elbow pads;

It is suitable for Scootering, BMX bike, riding, cycling, and skateboard...

High-Quality Material: High-quality knee pads, elbow pads protective gear set for kids, youth, and adults.

Full wrap hook and loop fasteners for a secure fit;

Stretch lycra interior with upper and lower support straps

Adjustable elastic straps and long velcro for secure. The thickening design will be good protection during sport, soft EVA padded material with plastic plates is breathable and durable.

More Protective: The knee pads, elbow pads are larger than others, give you more strong and all-around protective. The protective gear set comes with screw holes that make the pad more pad and not easy to take off.

Impact Resistance: The anti-shock shell above the knee-elbow pads keep you away from danger while enjoying multi-sport activities, most of the dangers happens when the body hit to other materials due to the accident such as falling from the bicycle, rollerblades,  and skateboard, It's important to have the pads for protection.