Panda Initio Trick Løbehjul

DKK 699,00,-

You can confidently take on new tricks with Panda's new high-quality Initio stunt scooter. With a chromoly steel bar and aluminum alloy deck, this sleek frame is wicked strong and weighs in at a surprisingly light 3.3kg (7.3lb). Measuring 78cm (31.7in) in height, this model is well suited for smaller riders. The bar height and width can be shortened using professional tools if you prefer shorter handlebars for comfort or want a slightly smaller frame to take on intricate aerial tricks.

The deck dimensions of 480mm (18.9in) length and 101mm (4in) width give riders plenty of room to maneuver. Featuring ABEC 9 bearings, the 110mm black polyurethane (PU) wheels are designed to provide a smooth ride and are paired with a two-bolt flex fender brake. Stunt scooters like this one are quite customizable, and as always, Panda has you covered. If you want to switch up colors or opt for different features, there are nearly limitless options for upgrading your sweet ride in the future.

Similarly, replacement parts are readily available when needed, and you can perform most repairs or part replacement jobs at home using common tools. With a smooth headset, the bars on this stunt scooter can effortlessly spin 360 degrees, making the Panda Initio ideal for landing the perfect barspin. Like with most stunt scooters, the handlebars do not fold down toward the deck but remain at a fixed angle. This is a crucial feature for any stunt scooter, as models with a fold-down design are more vulnerable to damage and can contribute to rider injury when attempting stunts. Your new scooter arrives needing only a few easy to follow steps to get it ready to ride. Just attach the handlebars, tighten the triple bar clamp, and head for the skate park.