Trick Scooters: Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

Frederik Giese
Trick Løbehjul: Din Ultimative Guide til At Komme Igang Trick Løbehjul: Din Ultimative Guide til At Komme Igang


Trick scooters are more than just a means of transport - they are a tool for fun, action and creativity. These scooters are designed to perform tricks and stunts, adding an extra dimension of excitement and skill to your driving. From ramps to rail slides, trick scooters open up a world of possibilities for both beginners and experienced riders. At ScootWorld we have a wide selection of trick scooters to suit all ages and skill levels.

What are trick scooters?

A trick scooter, also known as a stunt scooter, is a specially designed scooter built to perform tricks and stunts. These scooters are typically more robust than standard scooters, with extra durable wheels and a stronger frame to withstand the forces of trick riding. They are made of high quality materials such as aluminum to ensure durability and light weight.

Which trick scooter should I choose?

Choosing the right trick scooter depends on several factors. Your height, weight, driving style and experience are all important considerations. For beginners, it may be a good idea to start with a more standard trick scooter that is easy to handle and provides a good balance between control and performance. At ScootWorld we have a large selection of trick scooters and our experienced staff are always ready to help you find the perfect scooter for your needs.

How big should a trick scooter be?

The size of your trick scooter should be proportional to your height and size. In general, the handlebar height should be around navel height when you stand on the scooter. This provides optimal control and balance when performing tricks and stunts. Deck size is also important, as it must be large enough for you to stand comfortably, but not so large that it becomes difficult to perform tricks.

Where can you buy trick scooters?

Trick scooters can be bought in many different stores, both online and in physical stores. But why not make it easy for yourself and buy your new trick scooter directly from ScootWorld? We offer a wide selection of quality trick scooters, and our experienced staff are always ready to help you find the perfect scooter for your needs.

How much does a trick scooter cost?

The price of a trick scooter varies depending on the brand, quality and specifications. In general, you can expect to pay between 500 and 2000 DKK for a good trick scooter. At ScootWorld, we have trick scooters in all price ranges, so you can find the perfect scooter that fits your budget.

Which scooter for a 3 year old?

For a 3-year-old, it is recommended to choose a scooter designed for small children. These scooters typically have three wheels for added stability and are made of lightweight materials that are easy for small children to handle. At ScootWorld we have a large selection of child-friendly scooters that are perfect for the youngest riders.

See the three-wheeled scooter here.

When can children stand on scooters?

Children can generally start standing on a scooter when they have developed sufficient balance and motor skills. This typically happens around 2-3 years of age. At ScootWorld, we have scooters designed to help children develop these skills in a safe and fun way.

Which scooter for an 8 year old?

For an 8-year-old, a trick scooter can be a good option. By this time, most children have developed the necessary motor skills and balance to handle a trick scooter. However, it is important to choose a scooter that is suitable in size and weight for the child. At ScootWorld, we can help you find the perfect trick scooter for your 8-year-old.

Our Panda Initio Trick Scooter is a great choice for 8-year-olds. See them here!


Trick scooters are a great way to add some extra fun and excitement to your ride. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, there's a trick scooter out there that's perfect for you. So what are you waiting for? Hop on your scooter and start your trick driving adventure today! And remember, at ScootWorld we have everything you need to get started with trick scooters.