KROM POP Kendama fra KROM til 175.00 DKK— ScootWorld

KROM POP Kendama


We are so excited to present the KROM POP series to the world.


Just a few of the points making this kendama one of, if not, the most affordable slaying machine you will own. Here's a few more...

Technical specs'

- Skinny spike and wide tama bevel will have you spiking all night long

- KROM Scope line will keep your eyes fixed to the hole

- Chip-resistant grade A beech wood keeps you jamming all year round

- KROM Rubber paint - Perfectly sticky!

- Wider cups gives better balance and easier catches

- Holographic stickers.... Because we can!

- Japanese style Off-center string hole (better for pull-up tricks)


Don't sleep on the edit below where world champion KROM pros Bonz Atron and Jake Fischer gives all nine styles a serious test. Full of spins, flips, whips, taps, spikes, stalls, juggles, slings and bumps they make sure that no-one can argue against that these guys belongs on your top 'dama shelf from day 1.