4 different types of scooters

Frederik Giese
4 forskellige typer af løbehjul 4 forskellige typer af løbehjul

This is an overview of the different types of scooters you will find at ScootWorld, including large wheel scooters, trick scooters, 3-wheel scooters and trampoline scooters. Each type of scooter is designed for a specific purpose and has its own unique characteristics.

    1. Scooters with large wheels: These are scooters designed for use in urban environments. They are typically compact and lightweight, making them easy to maneuver in busy areas.

    2. Trick Scooter: This is the scooter designed for tricks and stunts. They are typically made of durable materials that can withstand the heavy load the scooter is exposed to when performing wild tricks.

    3. 3-wheel scooters: these are scooters that have three wheels instead of the traditional two. They are often more stable than other types of scooters, making them a good option for younger children or beginners.

    4. Practice the wildest tricks with our trampoline scooter. The deck of the trampoline scooter is made of foam, so that your trampoline and your floor are not damaged when you use the scooter to practice tricks. Do the wildest tricks that you wouldn't normally be able to do on a standard trick scooter.

If you have any questions regarding the choice of scooter, do not hesitate to contact us.